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The Israel Affordable Housing Center (IAHC) was established to develop new tools in the field of housing and urban regeneration and to advance policies to help medium and low-income households in Israel secure adequate and affordable housing. 

The Center is part of the Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University and is dedicated to applied research in the field of housing and the drafting of legislation and development of new policy tools for use in this area.



The IAHC promotes policy changes by formulating policy papers and drafting bills to add to the set of tools needed to promote affordable housing in Israel. 

שער מעורבות תושבים בהתחדשות עירונית אנגל


The IAHC conducts applied research to enrich existing knowledge and provide a broad base for the development of comprehensive housing policy. 



The IAHC provides professional support to initiatives aimed to provide practical affordable housing solutions and community driven urban regeneration.



The IAHC offer and participate in courses training various different target audiences in the theory and practice of urban renewal from a social perspective. 


The lack of affordable housing is one of the most acute social issues today in Israel and is affecting a growing part of the society. The ability to create housing units with rental or purchase prices within the reach of individuals and families with middle- to low-level incomes is limited, especially in high-demand urban areas and within the context of urban-regeneration projects. The IAHC is here to meet that challenge.


The IAHC is the only organization in Israel dedicated primarily to the advancement of affordable housing policies.

In addition, it is the only organization working in social urban development based on legal expertise and combining legal expertise with other professional knowledge relevant to housing policy.

Moreover, the IAHC is among few bodies in Israel committed to the continuous combination between tangible ‘on the ground’ projects, applied research and policy promotion in the field of social urban development.


IAHC’s achievements include:

1. Enactment of a key amendment to the Planning and Construction Law (Amendment no. 120 - inclusionary zoning) developed by the IAHC that removes one of Israel’s main barriers to affordable housing by authorizing planning committees to include affordable housing in city plans;

2.The decision to (partially) adopt the outline proposed by the IAHC to create more than 6,000 affordable and social housing units within the Sde Dov Redevelopment Plan;

3. Legislation that provides protections for and safeguards the rights of the elderly in urban regeneration.

4. Significantly improving the legislation that established the Urban-Regeneration National Authority,

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